Candle Making Places – Online and Local Classes Review

Candle Making Places – Online and Local Classes Review

The art of candle making is a very interesting hobby in which many people are going into these days. Getting in tune with the required knowledge for the perfect, sweet-scented candles requires getting to learn how to make candles. This brings us to the topic of candle-making places, and how beneficial they’ll be to homemakers and entrepreneurs.

There are various candle-making places you could choose to learn the nitty-gritty of candle making, from equipment to types of waxes and assortment of techniques used for making candles. Getting the right know-how from candle making places can be useful for both experienced candle makers, as well as inexperienced starters of the craft.

There are two main candle making places—online classes and local classes.

Online classes

The online candle-making places are either free or paid, and candle-making procedures, tutorials, and information are communicated online. You don’t need to bother about leaving your home for distance learning. There are various online training candle-making places such as:

Nature’s Garden

A great online candle-making place is Nature’s Garden. The Nature’s Garden style of tutoring is a little different as they offer various “free” online classes on candle making. The classes of Nature’s Garden are suited for both advanced makers and beginners of the craft.

Their classes are sent out in PDF format and contain procedures for making various candles like pillar candles and chunky votive. Tutorials of Nature’s Garden are precise, so they are easily understandable.

Craft Cave

Craft Cave is another free site for learning the ropes in candle making. They offer an introduction to candle making, which is a free online course that summarily covers instructions, materials and safety measures in candle making.

The course “Introduction to candle making” contains 8 lessons which are simply written and easy to grasp, thanks to the step-by-step, simple modules.

The lessons on candle making by Craft Cave can be completed according to your set pace, although most people sail through the entire process in about 2-3 hours tops. After successful completion of the guide, instructions for mold preparation and wax whipping are revealed.

You’ll also be shown troubleshooting guides, which can assist you with any problems you encounter (such as over-dipping, and wax shrinking) during the course of making candles.

One Stop Candle 

One Stop Candle is a candle-making place for beginners seeking the basics of candle making. The course is free, but you are required to register to get access to it. At One stop candle you an 8-lesson course on candle making which you can set your preference on speed of completion.

Universal Class

This is yet another online candle-making place, but unlike Nature’s Garden and One Stop Candle, this site offers courses on candle making at a price. For candle making 101, you pay $35 but if you’d like to get a certificate of completion at the end of the course, you pay $60. The course is taught by an instructor, albeit you can still decide on the pace.

The course has a 6-month grace to complete after each registration. You decide what days and what time you’d like to learn the art of candle making. When taking the course, you’ll get a continuing education credit, or 1.0 CEU.

The class is graded with exams set after each lesson. The lessons covered are 15 in number, starting from the history of candle making, down to equipment required, step-by-step candle making and additives, and ideas for marketing the finished product.

If you intend going into full scale candle-making business, then the Universal Class is the right candle making place for you as it also goes in depth on the topic, and shares useful tips and resources such as great candle making communities, wholesale suppliers of candle-making ingredients and equipment, all tailored to see you succeed in the business.

PS: The CEU will only be awarded if you score at least 70 percent in tests set to confirm lesson mastery or once you complete the course.

Local classes

Asides having online classes, you could be interested in getting a practical “hands-on” approach to the craft. If you are a person who prefers a physical learning approach, then you could opt for local classes.

There are various colleges and craft stores offering tutorials on candle making, usually for a small fee, so you could go all out and find the best candle-making places in your area.


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