Candle Making Process – A Safety Guide for Beginners

Candle Making Process – A Safety Guide for Beginners

There’s no doubt that making candles can be a lot of fun and the end result is very rewarding. However, it does involve heat and molten wax and the combination of these two can be just an accident waiting to happen. You don’t want that to happen and you can avoid it completely by thinking ahead.

Your safety is important when it comes to the process of candle making. You can learn how to make candles safely and enjoy the whole process if you read Candle Making 4 You™. Here, you’d get plenty of ideas about which candles to make for any occasion(s).

Primary Candle Safety Concerns

Wax safety – This refers to fires and burns that may be caused by the molten wax.

Accidents – Such as spills.

Toxicity – This refers to the use of fragrance and oils that may be irritant or even toxic when used in concentrated amounts.

How to Observe a Safe Candle Making Process

These tips would help you keep your hobby or business safe for you and your whole family.

Have a dedicated workspace

If you don’t have one yet, you need to allocate a workspace where you would be making your candles. If you cannot allocate a dedicated workspace – e.g. if you’re using the kitchen of your home – make sure that you prepare your workspace ahead.

What does a prepared workspace look like?

  • Cover your workspace with old cloth, tarp or newspapers. This would help your workspace against spills as they do happen especially because you’re working with liquids.
  • Clean and organize your workspace before you begin your work, not after. Keep anything you need within reach. Make sure that you have enough space to keep things at a safe but easily reachable distance.
  • Keep paper towels handy to be prepared for spills.
  • Work with a fire extinguisher nearby as well as a heavy pot lid (do not use water when dealing with wax fires).
  • Assemble all the tools and equipments that you need before starting the candle making process.

Slow and Steady Does the Trick

  • If you want to make great candles, you need to work slowly and methodically. Working fast will only set you up for a disaster, or worse, a bad quality candle.
  • Make sure that young children and pets are not close by. This is important as you might get disturbed or they might get into an accident involving your equipments.

Handle Ingredients with Care

You know how it is when you’re cooking or baking. You always handle the ingredients with care. The same goes when it comes to the candle making process.

  • Measure oils and fragrances carefully. Pour them carefully as well. These are oils and fragrances that often come in concentrated varieties so they might be irritants to your skin, can cause stains or may even eat through plastic.
  • Read the safety requirements or labels of your essential oils or fragrances and follow the directions specified for them. Don’t treat all essential oils and fragrances the same.
  • Handle dyes carefully. These are also concentrated and can stain any white clothes lying around pretty seriously.

Melt Your Wax Safely

Don’t underestimate wax. It might seem like any ordinary block or flakes but when they reach a certain temperature, they are very flammable.

  • Molten wax doesn’t boil to signal that it’s already hot. It’d only get hotter by the minute and start to smoke. The smoke is flammable. This is why it’s handy to have a fire extinguisher or heavy pot lid around.
  • Monitor the temperature of your molten wax. The thermometer should be accurate and suited for candle making.
  • Do not ever leave your wax on the double boiler unattended. You would reap dangerous consequences if you leave your melting wax unattended even for just a short period of time. When melting wax, make sure that you block out a schedule in your day to do just that.

When you think about it, the candle making process is easy and the safety precautions are quite easy to remember. It’s just what you always do when you’re cooking or making arts and crafts. If you keep these precautions in mind, you would be far away from accidents that can ruin your candle making experience.

In order to guide yourself further into your foray of the candle making process, you can grab a copy of Candle Making 4 You™. Here, you would be able to read more instructions about different candle making processes for beginners such as you.


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