Candle Making Tips: Improve Your Homemade Candles

Candle Making Tips: Improve Your Homemade Candles

A lot of mistakes are encountered by beginners when trying to make candles. These mistakes can be avoided if you learn the process of candle making diligently from people who are already experts at it.

However, if you’ve done all that and you still have problems, here are some tips you can make use of while making candles. Even if you’re currently not making any mistakes, these candle-making tips are sure to help you to get better at candle making.

All you have to do is calm down, read the candle-making tips very well, understand them, and follow them diligently. And if you’re having problems applying any of the tips, simply shoot us a comment at the end of the article.

Tips for better candle making

  • First, wax the wick you are going to use to make the candle, and then add a metal tab at the end of the wick in order to keep it steady. Then you can use mashed wick or hot glue to hold the setup in place at the bottom of the jar you’re using.
  • Always attend to your wax when melting it. Once you start melting your wax, do not leave its side at all. It doesn’t matter the size of the boiler you’re using to melt it; even if it’s as large as a double boiler, do not leave it unattended. This is important to make sure the melting process is not overdone, which could impact the quality of the candle. It also doubles as a safety precaution as it helps to prevent fire outbreak when the wax is dried up.
  • If you’re going frugal and have to use a jar that has been used to hold a candle before, you have to carry out some procedures on the jar to make it ready to hold another candle without compromising quality.
  • First, make sure to get rid of all traces of wax in the jar before using it. If it doesn’t get out easily, freeze the jar and shake the already-brittle wax from it.
  • Then warm it a little and scrape out all remaining traces of wax while taking care not to scratch the container.
  • If there’s still wax remaining after these steps, pour hot water into it and let the wax soak. The point is to make sure the jar is as clean as possible and free from all wax and even glue or any other particles that could stain a candle jar.
  • Do not melt your wax or take it near any open flame. This is as important as not letting the wax over melt.
  • When melting your wax, do it in a container large enough to avoid the wax dripping over the sides into the flame; this could be very dangerous. Also, even if you’re not currently melting the wax, make sure to keep it away from areas where there is the likelihood of a fire being lighted.
  • Arrange your candle making place/workplace to make the candle making process easier for you. Candle making, though not something very hard, can be an arduous task because it involves many stages. You’re better off if you arrange your workplace in a way that would streamline the movement from one candle-making stage to another.
  • Cordon off your workplace to prevent children or pets from straying into it .
  • Get all the materials you need before starting the process at all.
  • Arrange them in the order in which you will need them and arrange them stage by stage. This would make the process of candle making easier for you.
  • Make your candle molds yourself. Those candle molds are very important because they determine the shape and size of your candles as finished products. Though they are durable items, they will still need replacement after a long time of usage, and buying replacements can put a strain on manufacturing costs. So, did you know you can make your candle molds yourself? Probably not. Making candle molds isn’t an easy procedure, but neither is it a hard one—all it takes is learning. There are many videos on making your own candle molds on YouTube, and some will even teach you how to make them with just a silicone mixture. We’d advise you to go for video tutorials by Martha Stewart on making candle molds.
  • Prevent your glass jar candles from shrinking by grouping them together. If you’re making soy candles using a glass jar, you will have encountered the problem of the soy wax pulling away by the sides and forming queer smudges and stains on the jar. You can avoid this by using candle jars other than glass, but if you must use glass jars, there is something you can do. The reason for the shrinkage is rapid cooling of the wax after it is poured into the container, so you can slow down the cooling by packing the candles tightly and wrapping them in a towel after pouring the wax. This works great to eliminate the stains caused by wax shrinkage in glass candle jars.

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  1. I didn’t know that wax could over melt! I tried to make my own candles a few times without instructions and I got no where! So, thank you for this. I will make sure that I keep things at the right temperature while I am working. Does all wax melt the same way?

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