Candle Scents Serve a Purpose Review

Candle Scents Serve a Purpose Review

Candles have been a staple in homes and dwellings throughout history, nowadays candles are used for much more than a main source of lighting, they create a desired ambiance, a feeling of calmness and are sometimes even used for practices of meditation.

With over two billion candles being sold each year, the most notable factor in the selling of a candle is found in its scent. Candle scents can silently transform a space while evoking emotions and even have the ability to recreate wonderful memories of the past.

Scents Found in Your Kitchen

Creating your own candle scents can be fun, therapeutic and have the potential to be as unique as you are. Whether you assemble new scents for a hobby, to hand make a special gift, or with the intention of starting a profitable business, you may be surprised to find out that some of your favorite scents can be made from supplies you already have in your home.

Check your pantry and cabinets for common spices such as cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. You can add one of these spices or an entire blend of them directly to your melted wax prior to pouring it in your candle jar or mold. The spices used as an example are popular for the fall season.

Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils

Oils have become a very popular way to add beneficial scents to candles and are sometimes used as a form of aromatherapy, which means they have the potential to promote overall mental health and balance. A large volume of oil is not needed to produce wonderfully scented candles, in fact just 10-15 drops of essential oil into every pound of melted wax will usually give the desired outcome.

If you have an unscented candle at home, you can light it and let it burn until a puddle of wax forms below the wick, then take a small dropper and put one single drop of oil directly into the wax puddle being careful not to get it near the flame. This will create a temporary burst of oil fragrance.

Not every oil is compatible with wax, however quick research and trying them out can give you the answers you’re looking for when using this popular method to create candle scents.

Flower Power

Flowers are a wonderful way to add a light scent to your candle, while also giving your candle a more beautiful and natural appearance. Lavender flowers are a popular option for candle making, flowers alone usually don’t pack enough aroma to be significant, but pairing a flower with a matching fragrance oil can certainly do the trick.

Depending on the clarity of your wax you may want to adjust the flowers along the side of the jar in order for them to be visible when looking at the finished product.

Quick Tip

You can add a little vanilla extract as it will leave your candle with a sweet after smell. You might need to label the containers with the number of ingredients used, if you are making multiple scents. This will help later on if you intend making more of the same scent.

A Few Final Tips that make Scents

More is not always better when it comes to making your own candle scents, in other words more oil does not necessarily mean your candle will have a stronger scent, it’s important to use proper measurements in order to avoid danger.

Soy wax is a great material to use when making scented candles, because it tends to burn more evenly and at a slower rate which means the scents you added will do the same.

When melting your wax, the most efficient time to add your scent is when the wax reaches a temperature of 180 degrees. At 180 degrees the wax has already been melted and is hot enough to fully absorb the scent you’re adding.

As with any new craft, trial and error will lead to some of your best creations, finding new scents can be both rewarding, as well as cost efficient in the long run.


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