Decorating, Selling and Teaching with Your Self-Made Candles

Decorating, Selling and Teaching with Your Self-Made Candles

Candles are still popular today, not because they are used in countries or states experiencing power outages, but most people buy candles because of their various scents, beauty and usefulness in events, festivals and rituals. If you’re interested in candle-making tutorials, then you should start here.

Candle making and candle-making tutorials seem to be popular among women in this modern age, especially homemade candles. The interest seems to be waning in men but at the same time, candle making was a masculine skill that could be traced back decades ago. Apart from being thought provoking and helping in meditation, they also boost the romantic ambiance of a room.

Believe it or not, candle making is really easy; with a good candle making tutorial, you can make your own candles with your kids or anyone else. The beautiful thing about making candles yourself or with someone is that you get to personalize each scent and design for yourself or them. You might be asking, “Why would I want to make my own candles when I can buy a free-standing one?” Here’s why:

  • Once you learn from a candle-making tutorial you can easily replicate those so-called high-quality candles for lower costs.
  • Homemade candles could be made to smell and burn like expensive candles but are inexpensive.
  • You get to finally make or personalize a gift for your loved ones, “Happy birthday Lucille, Jenny loves you.”
  • You can use old candles that have been burned down to create your own. This is a great way to recycle wax.
  • You can earn extra income with it. If you are a full time housewife or a nursing mother, then you can use this to start a candle-making business from home with little or no capital investment. You can also set up anywhere around the house, clear a space in the kitchen or use the garage, anywhere.
  • You can also learn candle making to teach others about it. Candle-making tutorials could be your part time job at home.

Today, we will go through the basics of candle making and decoration.

Where to start

We would say “Read about Paraffin wax, wicks and fragrance oil,” but these are not the only products used to make candles. However, they must be included in your supplies. The wax of a candle is the heart of the candle and there are various types of wax, although, three are mainly used in the candle-making world, namely:


Beeswax is very expensive but it is also the oldest candle making ingredient in the industry. It also has a natural scent that interferes with other fragrances you might add to your candle making process.


Paraffin wax is the most popular wax for making candles. It is used in most candle making tutorials and its really cheap. Paraffin wax also allows you add scents and ingredients.


Soy wax is almost the same as paraffin wax, except that it’s made with soybean oil.

Study types of candles

No, you don’t have to start some textbook course to study candle types and the type you’d like to specialize in. Candle types and sizes are not standardized by any official body but candlesticks have different holes or inches in diameter.

There are the tapers: candles with shapes and properties of hand-dipped candles. Small-sized tapers are about 10” long with a ½” base (260mm by 12mm), there are even candles smaller that could be inserted into packed flowers and held by the frog that holds the flowers. Large tapers (or dinner candles) are about 9/16” in diameter and may be as long as 18”.

Know your sizes

Candle sizes differ. Not just the sizes—if you take up a candle making tutorial you’ll be told that wick sizes also differ. Wick sizes differ according to candle’s diameter.


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