How to Make Natural Candles

How to Make Natural Candles

Natural candles are those that are free from artificial ingredients or materials like fragrances, petroleum byproducts and paraffin. They are made solely from plant-based materials, and provide no health hazards to people who use them.

Over the years, people have become more aware of their health and the need to live healthily, eat healthy foods and use healthy materials; hence, the clamor for candles that won’t give them any health concerns.

If you’re one of these people, a natural candle is the right type of candle for you, and what better way to be assured off its healthy status than to make it yourself?

Natural candles are very easy to make at home since you’re only using plant-based materials. In this article, we will show you how to make natural candles step by step, right from start to finish.

Making natural candles—soy wax candle

Soy wax candles are the most common type of natural candles, and they are easy to make, so in this article we’ll be focusing on how to make soy wax candle.

Most soy wax candles are made from 100% soybean oil, so they can be considered as all-natural candles.  Some are mixed with other petroleum products, but since we are teaching you how to make it yourself, you don’t have to worry about that; what you want is what you will use.

Before we go into how to make a natural soy wax candle, let us quickly tell you some of the benefits of using soy wax candles.

Benefits of soy wax candles

  • Firstly, soy candles are biodegradable. The soy used in making them can be easily broken down by soil organisms, so they do not cause environmental pollution like other types of petroleum candles do.
  • Soy candles are very cheap to make, and they are indeed the cheapest types of natural candles. And what’s more, when making them yourself, you save a lot compared to when you’re buying them in the commercial stores.
  • Lastly, soy candles are easy to make. They are very easy to manufacture and customize with a variety of colors and fragrances, as you are going to discover in this tutorial.

So if you do not want to create a dent in your finances, and you still want to make and use a candle that won’t cause health risks, soy wax candles are your best bet.

How to make natural candles using soy wax

You need some materials before you can make a soy wax candle. The quantity of each of the materials you use depends on the type and quantity of candles you want to make, but in this article we will use materials in measurements suitable for making a single soy wax candle.


  • bag of soy wax.
  • 6” pre-tabbed wicks.
  • Pouring pot/pitcher; a small-sized pot is enough.
  • Wick bar
  • Roll of wick stickers.
  • fragrance bottle (jasmine).
  • jelly jar.
  • Pieces of dye/color blocks, preferably canary yellow.
  • Glass thermometer, 8” long.


Prepare your workplace

Prepare the area in which you are going to make the candle and cordon it off to make sure no unwanted elements stray into it. Arrange the materials you are going to use and get them ready for the process.

Wash the candle containers thoroughly to make sure they’re free from dirt, and add hot glue at the bottom of the wick in order to hold it firmly.

Make sure the wick is tabbed before setting it in the candle jar; if that has not been done now is the best time to do it. Then carefully set the wick at the center of the candle jar and make sure it’s firm and standing straight.

Melt the soy wax in the pouring pitcher

Before you start melting the wax, create a double boiler set-up by filling a large pot with water and then placing the pouring pitcher inside it. Pour the soy wax into the pitcher and then heat it up to 185°F.

Make sure you don’t leave the side of the pitcher while the wax is melting in order not to overheat it. Make use of the thermometer to determine the temperature and make sure it doesn’t exceed 185°F.

Add color and fragrance

While the wax is melting, break the color or dye blocks and add it to the melted wax. Add a little at first and wait to see if the blocks don’t melt evenly with the wax; if this is so, let the temperature go higher before you continue to add the color blocks.

When the wax has been fully melted, turn off the heat and add 1oz of the jasmine fragrance you’re using. Jasmine fragrance is the best for soy candles and it is what we normally use. Make sure you don’t add the fragrance while the heat is still on so that it won’t evaporate out of the wax.

Cool the wax and pour it into the jar

While the wax is melting, get the candle jar or container you are going to use and make it ready for the wax. If you’ve done what has been described in step 1, you’re good to go, but if you haven’t, try to prepare the candle jar while the wax is melting.

Tab the wick and attach it to the center of the candle jar using either hot glue or a specially made wick stickup. You can also use some melted wax if these are not readily available.

When the wax has melted, allow it to cool down to about 135°F (know this using the thermometer) and then pour it evenly into the candle jar.

Set the wick straight

Position the wick bar on top of the candle jar while making sure that the center peak is facing up. Then grab the wick tight and pull it gently into the hole where the wick bar opens into the jar. This helps to make sure the wick stands straight and firm while the candle is cooling.

Allow the candle to cool, trim the wick and then light it—You’ve made your natural soy wax candle!

You have to leave the candle for some time after pouring the wax into the container. Allow it to cool for about 20 hours at room temperature; leaving it overnight is best because you wouldn’t have to worry much or be too anxious about the candle.

Once the wax is cool and the candle is finally done (you will know when it is done), trim the wick to ¼” in length before lighting it. This is to make sure that the candle burns evenly and smoothly, because a longer wick will drool over and cause the wax to melt unevenly. Light the candle and place it safely into its container. You have your all-natural soy wax candle.


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