Profitability of Candle Making/Selling as a Business

Profitability of Candle Making/Selling as a Business

The candle making/selling business is a very profitable one because it usually requires very low capital and can be done by any person.  Despite the fact that it is a profitable business, not everybody can make enough money from it because it requires good organizational skills or expertise, and a highly developed mentality to recognize or identify inexpensive cheap candles.

If you intend going into the candle making/selling business, this article will provide you with steps that will help you turn your dull candle business into a proper money-making business.

Select the type of candle you intend to sell

This initial step will help to activate the base that defines your business. As we know, candles come in different types, you need to be sure about the exact type of candle you intend to make and sell.

The tapered candle and the organic candle, which are made from soy and palm wax, are some of the popular candle types. The beeswax and honeycomb candles, as well, are some of the popular types of organic candles. Once you are sure about the exact materials that will be needed for the type of candle you wish to make, you can try producing container or gel candles.

You can also try shaping your candles through the molding process, as there’s no limit as to how you intend to shape your candles.  You can also decorate your candles with flower designs to add some beauty to them.

Acquire skill in candle making

To buttress the first point, you can develop the necessary skills in candle making by attending training sessions that will help to increase your knowledge in candle making. You can also browse the Internet for free tutorials, or buy books on how candles are made.

Always remember to practice, as we know that practice makes perfect. The essence of acquiring the skills will be of no use if you don’t put them to practice.

Legal issues

Before you start a business, it is important to get an authorization or a license from the government of your city. This may differ depending on the location of your business. If you intend producing your candles at home, you will have to deal with a different set of legal issues. Basically, you must attend to permits, licenses, taxes, and most importantly, insurance.

Also you must have a distinct trademark for your candles so as to meet the standard of the local and federal bodies of your location.

Purchase materials from a wholesaler

Almost all raw materials used in making candles are fairly inexpensive, but some additional ingredients like fragrances, oils and waxes are quite expensive and the prices differ. Therefore, buying your candle materials from a wholesaler is better than buying from a retail shop because it helps you save more.


The way you present the packaging for your candles matters a lot because, your packaging helps your candle brand be different from the other available brands as your product’s packaging is the first thing your customers see. We’d advice you to make your packaging attractive and make your message as clear as possible.

Find customers

Make sure you find as much many stores and shops as possible to distribute your product. You could also market them on the Internet or outdoors at such venues as  fairs, bazaars and so on.

Market your product effectively

In any business, marketing is a potent strategy as it helps to increase your customer base. Start by creating a website where your brand of candles can be showcased to the world. You could as well make samples of your candles and send them to magazines and other publications that are well patronized by your intended customers.

Make money

Depending on considerations such as ingredients, size, and candle designs, you can expect to make profit (no matter how little) on every candle you sell. It is important to know how much the market is willing to pay for your candles. You can make more money by selling directly to specialty stores or distributors.

It is interesting to know that the candle-making business is good because almost everyone is your customer. Most homes make use of candles in one way or the other. Thus, it is hard to find anyone who doesn’t like candles.


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