Types of Candles Review

Types of Candles Review

There are different types of candles, and while all or most of them are used for the same purpose and/or made of similar or even same kind of materials, they are of various shapes and have distinguishing features would be discussed in this article.

The types of candles capable of being made with or without organic wax like beeswax include

Pillar candles

Pillar candles are the type of candles which are rigid and self-standing. Pillar candles are molded in a way to let them sit sturdily on a heat-resistant pan or plate, as the case may be. Depending on how these pillar candles are made, some may have more than one wick.

They are usually stiff and if wicked perfectly would burn uniformly with all sides going down in unison. They don’t require containers and come in various shapes including circular, rectangular, hexagonal, and many more shapes.

Votive candles

These are one of the most popular candle types and also one of the frequently used candles. They usually measure about 2.5” and are a mix between pillar candles and container candles. They are usually burned in heat resistant, glass containers so as to control liquefied wax. They usually take up cylindrical shapes—however, once they melt, they reshape according to the votive holder they are kept in.

Container or filled candles

These types of candles are not entirely special, as they are basically candles that are poured in a container. They are usually made using non-flammable and heat-resistant containers which are then filled with wax and a wick aligned in the center.

Noteworthy is the fact that container candles are not removed from their molds—this is the distinguishing factor between container and votive candles.

Dipped/tapered or dinner candles

These are aptly names candles which are just dipped. They are achieved by just dipping the wick into wax; this process gets out the air bubbles. A few more dipping of the wick into the wax will see more wax layers build up. They usually measure between 3/4” to 1” in diameter and have heights varying between 6” and 18”.

They are usually placed in specially designed candle holders which keep them upright and in the perfect position to burn evenly and safely. Dipped/tapered candles are mostly used during dinner, thus the name dinner candles.

Floating candles

These are candles made to float on water. They are usually made of a simple, steady, low profile which is light and maintains position on water. They can be made in different shapes and designs. You can find floating candles in elaborately tailored realistic appearances of life-like objects. For instance, many floating candles take leaf shapes.

Rolled candles

These are candles are made using pliable sheets of wax. They are fitted with a wick in the middle and rolled to form. They are a fun and creative way to make candles, and they are safe, easy to make and convenient to use. Most common rolled candles are made using beeswax, and measure 8” x 16”.

Tea light candles

These are petite candles which usually measures around 1.5” in diameter with a height of about 3/4”. They are usually placed in cylindrical metal containers. They are prominently used as candles in tea light holders as well as in food warmers.

Gel candles

These are candles made from gelled synthetic hydrocarbons or gelled mineral oils. They are usually rubbery and transparent, unlike other candles which are opaque.

Gel candles can take different forms; just select a container of your choice, no matter the shape be it rectangular, circular, cylindrical, or any other shape. The gels can be solidified to support their shape and stand alone.

Specialty candles

These candles are mostly designed for special purposes or decorative use. They are hand crafted and molded by hand. They can take the form of any three dimensional shape like animals, objects, plants etc.

Luminaria candles

These candles are specially crafted for outdoor use. They are usually placed in a sand-filled container and kept outdoors.


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